Sometimes in life you just have to pinch yourself and think is this real? There were a few of these moments leading into Blair and Taylers wedding. My favourite was the one when Blair said they were going to get married in Hawaii, and there was no punchline. Tayler is from the West Coast of the States, and Blair from New Zealand. Kaua’i, the garden isle of Hawaii was the island of choice. It was the most perfect destination for their wedding as the closest of friends and family gathered. 

The love these two share is incredible, it’s inspiring. It was the most intimate of weddings, with just a handful of family and friends. It wasn’t quite summer and the weather was temperamental, but you couldn’t expect less from the ‘garden island.’ We could see the rain coming down the hills, it stayed away and made for an epic backdrop! We travelled to the south of the island for the reception and the clouds broke and we were treated to a stunning sunset on the beach. The scenery in every location was jaw dropping. I envy the locals.

Seeing my best friend getting married was one of the proudest moments of my life, and being so involved was a blessing. Capturing all the special moments, in such a location makes this job a dream.