Anj and Setti invited me down to Wainui, an hour out of Christchurch to Anj’s Nani’s (grandma) house in the most tranquil of places. Perched atop the rolling hills and looking over Akaroa harbour, this ‘backyard’ wedding simply couldn’t get any better. 

As I drove out from Christchurch in the heavy cloud I kept my fingers crossed that the rain would stay, stay, stay away and come again another day. As the time approached for the traditional Hindu ceremony to kick off the clouds started to part and sun was in full force and the sweat was real. I loved that everyone pitched in and made the day happen. DIY, it’s in our DNA. 

We made the most of the stunning location and grabbed some photos before heading into the barn to start off the night with delicious Indian food, Kingfishers, many laughs, amazing singing and plenty of dancing.