I met Mitch formally a few years ago when common interests brought us together.  Mitch and Ash met at high school and have been together since! They are due to get married next month so I headed down to Hamilton to get some overdue engagement photos. It was a good opportunity to get a feel for how we would go on the big day. Needless to say, they were naturals!

We headed to where it all began, Fairfield College.  I also attended Fair Field College at the same time as Mitch and Ash. As we wondered around the school, each reminiscing on our own days, I still felt a strong sense of pride for my school. A school that was often belittled, yet developed and nurtured some of the greatest people I know. 

After a nostalgic half hour I convinced Mitch an Ash to drive across town to a location I had only driven past many times, but never actually explored. With the rain due to set in at any point during the day I was a little nervous as to what we'd find. Not only did the rain stay at bay until we were done, but we had hit the jackpot!