Following on from Blair’s epic  proposal  to Tayler late last year at Orokawa Bay, we got together once again for an engagement shoot. Blair, Tayler and Tayler’s good friend from America, Brea, had come up to Auckland for the day so we made an afternoon out of it. We drove around being tourists, eating food and waited around hopeful for an epic sunset.

We first headed towards some water, but not before walking past some rather nice garages that made for some fun in the harsh hot sun! Getting to the water was short lived and ice cream was needed, stat. Up the road to Ponsonby we came across the new Ben & Jerry’s shop, despite the line this was it. The ice cream couldn’t be faulted.

With the sun starting to dart in and out of clouds we made way to One Tree Hill, a spot that Blair and Tayler were both keen to check out. The clouds had their strength in numbers but we persevered as the Fahrenheit dropped. The wind was gnarly so we sat in the car and waited for the right moment. The sun got low and golden so I ran around crazy and snapped away until the goosebumps wouldn’t go away. With the photos officially over we headed back to Ponsonby, for more food of course. Yum.